like always on wednesdays we went 25 mans, since one of our normal tanks wasnt there i tanked marrowgar and deathwisper. but when we went onward to the trash leading up to gunship our regular 25 man tank popped online and came in for a dps.

so we had a free dps spot...
and since i just gotten my 4p t10 dps set, i said that i would do some raaawr dps.
and my god.
those rake crits are awesome. at saurfang i outclassed all the dps even our normal melee dpsers(hahaha sinker). i topped at 9477 dps and i loved everybit of it.
i will still be tanking in the 10 mans but, in the 25's its RAAAWRR MOAR RAKE CRITS.

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