update yey

So this monday my new computer arrived, everything was there except a key board, i looked up the details of my order and it seems i forgot to tick the keyboard(headdesk).
Didn't matter rest was there, just had to plug everything in and it worked.
so the games i was talking about, played a few yet, not completed all yet, but here is a little review.

1) Splinter Cell Conviction:
Amazingly good game, love every bit of it, its got good action and stealth with quite a good story.

2) Farcry 2:
haven't played much of it but its good.

3) Transformers 2:
Does not even come close to the quality of the former 2 games, but is a fun 3rd person shooter with all the known transformers.

4) Command & Conquer 4:
I seriously regret buying this, it is a load of shit, the only reason why i maybe would play it, would be the movies since those are always good in c&c games.

oh and not realy a review but, OMG WoW looks good with all the graphics maxed. before i had everyting at minimum on my laptop and could not realy enjoy the graphics.

thats it for now,
cya all later



In about 2 weeks i've got a new computer, wich means i can finaly play some games i still had left: Splinter Cell - Conviction, Farcry 2, C&C4 and Transformers 2(dont ask). I will most likely make some post about that.

In WoW news: ive finaly had the courage to make a shaman(ive failed it before and ended up deleting it then) its lvl 33 now and fairly fun, i lvl as enhancement, with some ocasional healing in dungeons. Not much to do with Raids and all. for the rest i have been travelling a bit round azeroth and taking screenshots.
I do like the look of what seeps through from cataclysm(wtb beta plox) am a bit sceptical on some thing tho, but all in all it seems to look fairly good.

when im not playing games or hanging out with friends i work.
work tends to be very busy since its holiday season and people want their food(i work at a italian restaurant) lots of pizza's these days with all the tourists, and we got a fair coming in a few weeks were we will be selling pizza's aswell and those all have to be made before that.

and now for some fun, i havent realy said it before but i study Art&Technology wich is a bit of everything that includes media, i myself prefer the advertising side, so here a add before and after complaints by PETA.



cya peeps