Possible merge

Today we did icc 25 with another guild named Halycon, this was the first time of a possible alignment. We had some starting problems at marrogar, but we nailed him after some silly fails. Then we build up momentum and proceeded to roll over deathwisper and gunship, then we gotten to saurfang, as he isn't the most easy boss we had some wipes since we were not fully 1 guild, think it was either 1 or 2 wipes, cant remember(my memory is a mess :P).

But the best is in fact that these competent and nice people from Halycon are considering to join Frostfall, well see how this unfolds, im quite positive about it, just hope it pushes through so we gonna have more than 1 actual 10 man team and a nice 25 man team. oh and i got me some new shoulders(lots of thanks sinker for passing them to me).

EDIT: we took in most members of halycon, theve got some realy nice tanks, proly gonna get some dps time next few 25 mans

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