Some of my favorites during raiding.

Kontrust - Smash Song

Guano Apes - 360 Aliendrop

Metallica - Cyanide

Proxonic - Dead Eyes

got some more of course but linking them all will make a list that might be a bit long.
what are your favorites?

Blood Princes + 2 Tanks = Dead Vampyr Elfs

So today we changed the strategy on blood princes.
Instead of using 2 tanks and a ranged tank(used to be our warlock), we went with double druid tank. I was tanking Valanar and Taldaram, and Metal was tanking Keleseth.

-first round-
Me and metal both charged in for the princes, picking them up and separating them.
Darkfallen orb on Valanar, went fine as usual, then we got in on Taldaram, went fine aswell.
In the mean time Metal was staying alive without problems.
Then the Orb went onto Keleseth....

And we did not have the Keleseth tank die, and wipe us all up.
We did not kill it that attempt but it was close, only 2 tries later the princes were lying face down in the dirt again.

Good thing i remembered the article from Kae about not having a ranged tank :))
In my opionion it was way easier to use a traditional tank and not a ranged one.

Raaawrr onto the Queen.



like always on wednesdays we went 25 mans, since one of our normal tanks wasnt there i tanked marrowgar and deathwisper. but when we went onward to the trash leading up to gunship our regular 25 man tank popped online and came in for a dps.

so we had a free dps spot...
and since i just gotten my 4p t10 dps set, i said that i would do some raaawr dps.
and my god.
those rake crits are awesome. at saurfang i outclassed all the dps even our normal melee dpsers(hahaha sinker). i topped at 9477 dps and i loved everybit of it.
i will still be tanking in the 10 mans but, in the 25's its RAAAWRR MOAR RAKE CRITS.


Possible merge

Today we did icc 25 with another guild named Halycon, this was the first time of a possible alignment. We had some starting problems at marrogar, but we nailed him after some silly fails. Then we build up momentum and proceeded to roll over deathwisper and gunship, then we gotten to saurfang, as he isn't the most easy boss we had some wipes since we were not fully 1 guild, think it was either 1 or 2 wipes, cant remember(my memory is a mess :P).

But the best is in fact that these competent and nice people from Halycon are considering to join Frostfall, well see how this unfolds, im quite positive about it, just hope it pushes through so we gonna have more than 1 actual 10 man team and a nice 25 man team. oh and i got me some new shoulders(lots of thanks sinker for passing them to me).

EDIT: we took in most members of halycon, theve got some realy nice tanks, proly gonna get some dps time next few 25 mans


Good news everyone,

So we downed Professor Putricide last night. Last 2 days we consistently got him to 15-20%. The problem seemed to be either that mutated plague stacked up to high and dps died, or that my tanking buddy died thus healing PP. Last night we adjusted tactics a bit, this time we taunted each time a stack was applied, and we juggled the cooldowns better with the healers so there wouldn't be double CD's active. after getting the hang of the fight again with 2 tries, we killed him on the 3rd try. last 5% was a bit tricky because i did not see much slime free space for kiting.

And then there was a explosion, a sound explosion on vent as 10 people including myself cheered. next challenge: Blood Princes, we killed you once, you returned from the grave, we'll put you back in.


Well Hello

Mmmkay, so this should be my blog, lets introduce myself then.
Im Gathros from the realm burning steppes, i have played a druid from the start and always had a certain affection for the feral tree.
these days i am in one of the older guilds off the server Frostfall, were i mostly function as maintank.
we have some great fun while raiding, mainly jokes at cost off each other on vent.

this blog certainly wont be some theory craft and shizzle(im horrible at math), expect just rabbling about the raiding, druids, my guild and other things.

i have chosen the name, because i think the barrow dens have a great lots of lore with them, certainly the one that has been infested by the emerald nightmare, and they have always intrigued me.