Pic Mania

Recently i have been snooping around in my screenshot folder.
here are the results, enjoy.

Raid Puns

If your in a raidgroup that has almost the same composition every week, you are most likely gonna know most of the people and know how they are going to react on certain situations. And a lot of times there are going to be jokes/puns.

In my guild and raid group this in no differant, Like we got a rogue that is afk every readycheck, we shout "Cake" on ventrilo and he says: 'yeyeye im ready'. Once we were doing VoA and i was tanking, so all goes fine, at the time emalon was the last one in there, so we charge in. I took emalon the other tank the adds. Nothing wrong you would say, only problem was that i was in dps spec and gear so i took quite a beating. Ever since each time i get a massive beating, they ask me: are you in the right gear gathy?

A good pun is one that you can repeat without it getting anoying/repetitive, of course if you keep on jabbering the whole time about it, you'll make it anoying.
And these things can loosen your raid, it helps helps to relieve some stress after something like say a night of progress, where you just cant down the boss due to small things.


Tree Form

Last night i decided to play a bit with my retardin, doing some daily's, random dungeon here, titanium vein there. Just casual play. However i cant help to being inspired by a certain aspect of a retri pal, Vengeance.

So each time i critted with something i got a buff of 3% more dmg, stacking to 3.
Later on i thought if they could combine something alike and tree form.
I'll explain what i mean.

if you crit with a healing spell you get 3% more healing stacking to 3, the more stacks you get the more you transform into a tree(maybe casting dmg spells takes off the buff or something).

This would keep Tree of Life as a element of resto druids and at the same time would entirely change the way of the ability.


Druid Preview

A bit later than all the other druids, didnt realy had to add anything special.
At first when i've read the preview i was a bit shocked.
I saw that HoT's were gonna profit from haste and crit but there was no mention of DoT's.
Later on however GC clarified that while it may not have made the preview druid DoT's are certainly gonna profit from haste and crit(phew).

Were getting some new toys aswell to play with.
I kinda like the way that Thrash looks, could use some more buttons in dungeons besides swipe.
Stampeding Roar could play out well at some fights aswell.
And how can i not mention the Fungal Mine we are going to get. I wonder how they are going to do this, 40 yard range no cooldown and instant cast, we dont know if you can put down more than 1 but so far it looks a bit OP.

There are also some sad thing in the preview, the removal of treeform and making it into a cooldown'ish thing. while i may not raid as resto i have certainly done my fair share of resto action and i dont see why they would want to remove something exential to druids: Shapeshifting.
It just sounds wrong.



Pictures say more than words.

Idd say nuff said.