Blood Princes + 2 Tanks = Dead Vampyr Elfs

So today we changed the strategy on blood princes.
Instead of using 2 tanks and a ranged tank(used to be our warlock), we went with double druid tank. I was tanking Valanar and Taldaram, and Metal was tanking Keleseth.

-first round-
Me and metal both charged in for the princes, picking them up and separating them.
Darkfallen orb on Valanar, went fine as usual, then we got in on Taldaram, went fine aswell.
In the mean time Metal was staying alive without problems.
Then the Orb went onto Keleseth....

And we did not have the Keleseth tank die, and wipe us all up.
We did not kill it that attempt but it was close, only 2 tries later the princes were lying face down in the dirt again.

Good thing i remembered the article from Kae about not having a ranged tank :))
In my opionion it was way easier to use a traditional tank and not a ranged one.

Raaawrr onto the Queen.


  1. Glad to hear that the different strat worked for you! We use what I guess is a traditional strat with a warlock tanking Keleseth, and we've had them on farm now for a few weeks. :)

    The nice thing about that fight is that once your team locks in on a strat that works and executes it each week, the Princes is a fun and pretty easy fight.

    Like I said, grats on the kill! Many thanks also for adding me to your blogroll, and good luck with your blog! :)

  2. ty,
    its indeed a real fun fight if you got the hang of it. just need to get tactics that feel good to your group and stick with it.