Druid Report For 4.01

So patch 4.01 has hit and stuff has changed a bit around.

First thing i did on wednesday when i had it installed was, get my dps spec sorted and hit a round on the HC target dummy. And it was indeed as i feared there was a huge dent in my beloved dps it was about a 60% of what it used to be. After that that a was a lot less happy with the patch.

Fast forward a bit Thursday: logged back on and reforged some of my gear so i would have some more mastery, and went back to the dummies. What a suprise i had when my dps wasnt just restored to its former glory but also increased alot, my rakes had suddenly 9k crits and rip 8k. I was kind of confused at this point. So i went online and found the blue post were was explained that they had buffed some classes/specs overnight and one of these was Feral Dps

So far for kitty :)
This had my most attention, but there were other changes aswell i had to check, so i'll list them

- Tanking as a druid has changed, Pulverize is pure win and so is the reset on mangle with lacerate ticks, aoe tanking is harder then it used to be with swipe on a 6 second cooldown and the still aoe happy dps of WotLK. Our mastery scales very well with vengeance which is nice.

- Herbalism is a bit less bad for druids now than it was, Lifebloom now not only heals but also grants you haste for 20 seconds(240 at the max)

- Resto (not of great interesst to me) has changed alot most of it of course the removal of treeform :(. I could not realy handle it atm on my mini druid. All the hots have changed mostly and it felt wierd to me. I did not play resto much before and these changes might just make sure im not even tempted to try.

- Balance is still the same old faceroll it was before even with the eclipse changes, The eclipse mechanic works a lot better then before and is totaly non rng dependable now. might pop on my mini druid for balance once in a while for some fun.

- Reforging to mastery is pure win

- If your profession is inscription, now is very good time for making money. Glyphs sell fast, are cheap to make and about worth 100-200g a piece on auction.

I have most likely forgot something but i believe thats about it for now.


Petition: Let Transformation Items Persist in Druid Forms!

rarren/vallen has got a excellent point on his blog here,
druids should be able to use shapeshift items just as much as other classes and stay functional



its done after too long


update yey

So this monday my new computer arrived, everything was there except a key board, i looked up the details of my order and it seems i forgot to tick the keyboard(headdesk).
Didn't matter rest was there, just had to plug everything in and it worked.
so the games i was talking about, played a few yet, not completed all yet, but here is a little review.

1) Splinter Cell Conviction:
Amazingly good game, love every bit of it, its got good action and stealth with quite a good story.

2) Farcry 2:
haven't played much of it but its good.

3) Transformers 2:
Does not even come close to the quality of the former 2 games, but is a fun 3rd person shooter with all the known transformers.

4) Command & Conquer 4:
I seriously regret buying this, it is a load of shit, the only reason why i maybe would play it, would be the movies since those are always good in c&c games.

oh and not realy a review but, OMG WoW looks good with all the graphics maxed. before i had everyting at minimum on my laptop and could not realy enjoy the graphics.

thats it for now,
cya all later