Good news everyone,

So we downed Professor Putricide last night. Last 2 days we consistently got him to 15-20%. The problem seemed to be either that mutated plague stacked up to high and dps died, or that my tanking buddy died thus healing PP. Last night we adjusted tactics a bit, this time we taunted each time a stack was applied, and we juggled the cooldowns better with the healers so there wouldn't be double CD's active. after getting the hang of the fight again with 2 tries, we killed him on the 3rd try. last 5% was a bit tricky because i did not see much slime free space for kiting.

And then there was a explosion, a sound explosion on vent as 10 people including myself cheered. next challenge: Blood Princes, we killed you once, you returned from the grave, we'll put you back in.

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