Druid Report For 4.01

So patch 4.01 has hit and stuff has changed a bit around.

First thing i did on wednesday when i had it installed was, get my dps spec sorted and hit a round on the HC target dummy. And it was indeed as i feared there was a huge dent in my beloved dps it was about a 60% of what it used to be. After that that a was a lot less happy with the patch.

Fast forward a bit Thursday: logged back on and reforged some of my gear so i would have some more mastery, and went back to the dummies. What a suprise i had when my dps wasnt just restored to its former glory but also increased alot, my rakes had suddenly 9k crits and rip 8k. I was kind of confused at this point. So i went online and found the blue post were was explained that they had buffed some classes/specs overnight and one of these was Feral Dps

So far for kitty :)
This had my most attention, but there were other changes aswell i had to check, so i'll list them

- Tanking as a druid has changed, Pulverize is pure win and so is the reset on mangle with lacerate ticks, aoe tanking is harder then it used to be with swipe on a 6 second cooldown and the still aoe happy dps of WotLK. Our mastery scales very well with vengeance which is nice.

- Herbalism is a bit less bad for druids now than it was, Lifebloom now not only heals but also grants you haste for 20 seconds(240 at the max)

- Resto (not of great interesst to me) has changed alot most of it of course the removal of treeform :(. I could not realy handle it atm on my mini druid. All the hots have changed mostly and it felt wierd to me. I did not play resto much before and these changes might just make sure im not even tempted to try.

- Balance is still the same old faceroll it was before even with the eclipse changes, The eclipse mechanic works a lot better then before and is totaly non rng dependable now. might pop on my mini druid for balance once in a while for some fun.

- Reforging to mastery is pure win

- If your profession is inscription, now is very good time for making money. Glyphs sell fast, are cheap to make and about worth 100-200g a piece on auction.

I have most likely forgot something but i believe thats about it for now.

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  1. Kitty is funny - I spent some time setting it up yesterday (finally), and it's kind of overbuffed now, although I'm not complaining! I certainly feel better about it. It's nice that the developers took the time to make the class playable again. I did a WG last night, and it was nice to be able to do some damage. :)