update yey

So this monday my new computer arrived, everything was there except a key board, i looked up the details of my order and it seems i forgot to tick the keyboard(headdesk).
Didn't matter rest was there, just had to plug everything in and it worked.
so the games i was talking about, played a few yet, not completed all yet, but here is a little review.

1) Splinter Cell Conviction:
Amazingly good game, love every bit of it, its got good action and stealth with quite a good story.

2) Farcry 2:
haven't played much of it but its good.

3) Transformers 2:
Does not even come close to the quality of the former 2 games, but is a fun 3rd person shooter with all the known transformers.

4) Command & Conquer 4:
I seriously regret buying this, it is a load of shit, the only reason why i maybe would play it, would be the movies since those are always good in c&c games.

oh and not realy a review but, OMG WoW looks good with all the graphics maxed. before i had everyting at minimum on my laptop and could not realy enjoy the graphics.

thats it for now,
cya all later

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  1. Hi, Gathros

    I can totally relate to the new computer thing. When I got mine in December, I jacked up all of the settings in WOW and it was beautiful. Every instance, every area. I ended up rolling back the effect settings slightly, because sometimes special effects (like the smoke from the trash in Ulduar, for one example) made it nearly impossible to see! But overall, very, very nice. I'm excited to see how Cataclysm looks with it.

    And thanks for the review of Splinter Cell Conviction. I really want to play it, but not on my 360... but since it will probably never come out for Mac, I may have to break down and do it. Ah, well. :)