some more chicken versus kitteh

So the fight i did not cover yet in the article a while ago.

The Lich King

Even now the verdict is a little tricky, i've only tanked him so far and not dps'ed, But from the looks of it it seems to be more favored to boomers than kitteh.
Its only a guess but the fact that our own boomer is quite happy with the fight say something aswell.

So now for the overall icc verdict(leaving out the bosses with equal score)
Boomkin score list: Deathwisper, Valithria, Lich King.
Kitteh score list: Deathbringer Saurfang, Festergut.
Final score: 3-2

So 6 bosses equal, 3 boomkin and 2 feral.
Most of the fights were won on movement or target switches, prime examples would be saurfang for feral and valithria for boomkin.

That concludes the kitteh vs boomkin for now.
how ever...


  1. Hi Gathros, good to see you again. Nice post!

    One thing I wonder about - I didn't really think about it with your earlier post - was on Putricide. At the end, there's a lot of kiting & avoiding slime, which might mean that a boomkin could have trouble casting consistently.

    I did it as kitty, obviously. And at the end, I didn't mind the running around and avoiding slime too much - I could still mash (nom nom) for the most part. Not having done it as a boomkin, tho, makes it hard to for me see from the first person standpoint, so... Just a thought. I could be totally wrong!

    Druids... yeah... awesome! :)

  2. i did not do the fight as boomkin myself i have to say but we generaly have one present so i asked him and he did not have to much trouble with it.
    but now that i think of it your actualy right :)
    so ill make it a draw then, first part of the fight goes to boomers last part the ze kitteh.