Kitty versus Chicken

Druids, the most versatile class off WoW, want a Tank? Here we are. Healer? No problemo.
Oh you wanted a dps? okey but what do you want? Ranged or melee?

Myself have been a dedicated feral for a long while, both tanking and dps. Recently i have dinged a second druid at lvl 80, this time it was balance and a bit of resto. As i raid on my feral druid, i couldn't help to wonder if for some fights balance might not be a better alterative to feral dps.

Lower Spire

Lord Marrowgar:
Depending on if your doing 10 man or 25 man its either feral or balance, on 10 mans the feral is most likely staying on the boss while the ranged finish of the spikes. On 25 man i prefer to help a little on the spikes, so here the static position of the balance would be prefered.

Lady Deathwisper:
If your on the boss for the shield, it doesnt matter what you are. If your on the adds however i'm gonna give it to the balance druid since he doesnt need to move the same distances as the feral would.

Not much to say, try staying awake.

Deathbringer Saurfang:

Since you realy dont want to be hit by the blood beasts, this is best suited for feral that stays on the boss, while the balance can pew pew the bloodbeasts. Though with a good timed starfall its quite possible to put out some nice numbers.

Plague Works

Feral, due to vomit targeting ranged targets and the need to move for spores for ranged this fight is suited more for melee than is is for ranged, this doesnt mean you dont need ranged. You dont want vomit to get into the tank group, so have atleast 3 persons stay in the outer rim.

Nothing special, its all about if you get lucky or not with the infections. Maybe the feral has a slight advantage for being more mobile incase of slime spray, but it wont be much.

Professor Putricide:
Movement and target changing, moving doesnt realy suit balance and target changing doesnt suit feral. Im gonna give it to the balance druid since changing targets is a bit more of a bitch than some movement.

Crimson Halls

Blood council:
Looking at this from the feral side of life, you see lots of movement and target switching(though you can predict the switches a bit since its on set times and only 2 other targets). So all in all not the best fight for feral. This fight is quite good for balance if your looking at it blank, however there is a aspect of this fight that screws up balance: Dark Nucleus. Because you should not even touch those and leave them to the keleseth tank, you cant use starfall since there is no way of telling where the stars will land.

Blood Queen Lana'thel:
Nothing special, maybe a bit of a advantage for ranged since there is the possibility that melee will be raped by blood mirror if the offtank is a bit further away after a flight phase.

Frostwing Halls

Valithria Dreamwalker:
Balance, from personal experience ranged seem to kill the adds way before melee can even reach them.

Cant realy choose here, the one getting most lucky with the RNG is the winner.

The Lich King:
Havent digged myself in this for the sheer reason that we havent come around him yet and when we do i most likely will be tanking.

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  1. I definitely like being feral on several of these fights:

    1. Deathwhisper: the movements can get in the way before the shield drops, but for the most part it's great because you can get plenty of kitty-rotation-time on LDW once it's down

    2. Gunship: I gun, then I blow a Berserk on the mage, gun, blow a haste potion on the mage, gun, etc. My DPS is usually sweet on this fight

    3. Saufrang: feral, no contest - it has been my weekly DPS-test to see how I fared against the other melee members of the guild. However, my enjoyment of the use of CC always gave me a small amount of envy toward the ranged

    4. Festergut: yeah, feral :)

    5. Rotface: feral, although constantly moving can be annoying, but I chose to look at it as a challenge, and did pretty well usually

    6. BQL: a fun fight for ferals.

    7. Valithria: My damage sucked on this fight, but I had a LOT of fun rooting and shredding the Summoners. Balance might be better for this, but I don't care! LOL

    No preference to the following:
    1. Blood Prince Council: very interesting fight
    2. Sindragosa: it's all about coordination, so either has its benefits

    Wish I were ranged/Balance for:

    1. Marrowgar
    2. Putricide: I know this is off-topic, but I'd specifically like to be a mage on this fight. The Toxic Gas is a bitch, too, for melee. On the other hand, Dash and the kitty speed boost are great if you have to kite...

    And then there's the LK, where I liked the challenge of being feral, and wish I had done better with it. Balance could be fun, though, too.

    Sorry for the long comment, but it's a fun topic, so I thought I'd share my personal preferences :)